..........our astounding pianist Robert Graham, who is so magical, as soon as he starts to play, all the harmonies are remembered, all the words make sense" (Laurie Hurst - soprano)


Toronto-based Canadian/Australian musician Robert Graham is an award-winning pianist and singer/songwriter (winner of a 2019 Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary), as well as a Music Director, accompanist (vocal, instrumental and dance), choir director, vocal/repertoire coach, entertainer, educator, and human-rights activist. Robert writes for and performs with his six-piece band "The Fairest and Best". Equally at home accompanying opera, classical, theatre, and pop/rock/jazz repertoire, Robert is also a creator of original music and collaborates with others to produce new works of theatre and musical theatre.

 If you would like to hear some of Robert's original music just click on "Have a Listen" - to the right of this text - or scroll down to the bottom of the page (if you are on a  cell phone) and click "Have a Listen". His band's latest video "Celebrity" (featuring bandmate Caitlin Holland on lead vocals) - is a humorous take on "Celebrity-itis" (it's real thing!)


Not "just" a songwriter, Robert also performs as a classical pianist and accompanist. Here's a little clip of a recent concert featuring a duet with Toronto pianist and conductor Oksana Vignan performing an excerpt from Greig's Peer Gynt Suite:



Growing up in Gibsons, British Columbia and Perth, Western Australia Robert graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Music Education. A very short teaching career ensued - which came to an end when Robert decided - at the age of 25 - that high-school teaching was not for him.

Since then Robert has been on an amazing and beautiful rollercoaster of a musical journey. Together with his songwriting and performing, Robert has been Music Director on numerous Theatre productions across Canada and Australia - most recently "Seeking Refuge" at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival.

His musical collaborations have also included several multi-genre bands and ensembles - touring the UK with Canadian roots supergroup "Tanglefoot" (Winner - Best Vocal Group - 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards) and performing with Australia's "Los Chasquis".

Robert started his songwriting career relatively late in life - but music from his debut solo album "Storm in a Teacup" and the debut EP from his Toronto band "The Fairest and Best" has elicited three all-network sync licensing contracts (The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and The NASCAR Network) as well as contracts from thirteen individual shows - including I Am Cait, The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Total Divas and three Kardashian shows - none of which Robert has ever watched!

It was also added to the playlists of over 100 radio stations across North America. Two songs garnered runner up placements (in two categories) of the 2015 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest, as well as a semifinal placement in the 2016 "Song Of The Year" contest.


More recently Robert was the inaugural recipient of the 2018 Douglas C Cowling Bursary in Liturgical Music and also a winner of a 2109 Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary


There is a lot more to Robert than just his OWN music - so please click on one of the tabs above - based on whatever aspect of Robert's career interests you.


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For a further taste of Robert's songwriting (and vocals) check out The Fairest and Best's debut EP - "When I Feel Like This":


Here is The Fairest and Best's first video from their EP - "One Little Sign" - and finally some live rehearsal and performance footage. 



Robert's song "It Could Be You" was announced as one of the 10 finalists in the 2018 Songs For Social Change Songwriting Contest. The song - calling for empathy for refugees - and performed by his band The Fairest and Best - was chosen from over 350 songs submitted from around the world.


A CD of all the finalists has been made and is available for sale for $15 (plus postage). The songs are really great! If you would like a copy please contact Robert


The Songs for Social Change Songwriting Contest is sponsored by RAWA (The Renaissance Artists and Writers Association) - a worldwide movement of artists, writers, musicians, and creative people who want to use their talent to serve humanity.


"It Could Be You" calls on people to react to the plight of refugees with compassion. It also placed 4th overall in the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest and was also featured at a Multicultural Conversations Project forum held on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. You can see it here:










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